The Key Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs

The Key Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs

The Key Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs

Getting started in the digital marketing world can be tough for some. If you’re interested in dabbling in digital marketing, then it’s important you know some of the key skills to develop. Below, you’ll find four skills that are well worth learning.

SEO Skills

Of course, you can’t be a good digital marketer without any understanding of SEO. You don’t need a loose understanding, you need proper SEO skills. You should be at a level where you can answer any query someone has about search engine optimization. Make yourself an authority figure on the subject, and you will go far in your career. The thing with SEO is that it’s very complicated for anyone that doesn’t have the relevant skills to understand it. But, you’ll know when you’ve honed your SEO skills because it becomes easier and easier for you to grasp. There are loads of books and resources as well as online SEO classes you can take to develop these skills.

Social Media Skills

Social media plays a huge role in digital marketing, and you need the skills to use it properly. Understanding how you can influence things on social media and use this platform to grow a website or promote a product is essential. People with good social media skills usually know how to amass a large following across the different social networks. As a digital marketer, this is a skill you need as many clients will be keen for you to improve their social presence on the web.

Excel Skills

As a digital marketer, you will find yourself staring at plenty of website stats over and over again. You’ll have traffic figures in front of your face and so many other things too. Now, one of your tasks is displaying all of these stats to your clients in ways they can understand. A great way to do this is via tables and charts in Excel. Therefore, you better have a grasp of this platform if you’re serious about digital marketing. It won’t take long to learn, there are sites all over the internet like Training Connection that provide Excel training courses. If you want to present your data to clients, or just present it to yourself in an easier to read manner, then you need to develop your Excel skills.

Writing Skills

Finally, a skill you might not have thought you needed is the ability to write well. You’ll be surprised at how much writing is involved in digital marketing. Websites need content, social media accounts need to post things, etc. If you’re good at writing things and are skillful and creative, then you’ll enhance your reputation as a great digital marketer. Plus, you can also provide people with content writing services which make you a more complete marketer too.

These four skills come together to make a great digital marketer. There isn’t a digital marketer in the game right now that hasn’t developed these skills as part of their skillset. Any others you can add to this will be a bonus, but these are the four key ones to think about.

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