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The Key Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs

The Key Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs

Getting started in the digital marketing world can be tough for some. If you’re interested in dabbling in digital marketing, then it’s important you know some of the key skills to develop. Below, you’ll find four skills that are well worth learning.

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The Perfect Companion: An App For Your Site

The Perfect Companion: An App For Your Site

Running an online store comes with a host of benefits. You don’t need a physical presence, which saves a lot of money. And, you can sell to a much wider group of customers.

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How to Stop Scrambling for Blog Content and Ideas in Three Simple Steps

How to Stop Scrambling for Blog Content and Ideas in Three Simple Steps

Content is the cornerstone of any successful blog; however, staying consistent when it comes to blogging is much easier said than done. This is especially true if we’re working to rank for high-volume keywords or exist in a fiercely competitive niche.

Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles of content creation is coming up with fresh ideas. When our topics are stale, our motivation to write suffers and therefore our production drops. By having consistently fresh ideas at your fingertips, you’re better poised to stay motivated and build a hungry readership who seeks you out rather than reading the same rehashed posts.

At the end of the day, much of our success comes down to our organization.

Think about it: you can’t to simply fire blindly with your blog and hope that something sticks. Instead of taking a haphazardly “anything-goes” approach to content creation, set yourself up for success and stop scrambling for ideas.

But how can we consistently craft posts that hit it out of the park?

Have a Schedule (and Stick to It)

Neil Patel’s guide to blogging outlines many of the essentials when it comes to organizing our thoughts and ideas. Patel himself has built an empire out of killer content and recommends coming up with a content schedule and sticking to it. The benefits of such a schedule are threefold:

  • Having a schedule helps you recall what you’ve written about what you haven’t, ensuring that your blog doesn’t get redundant
  • By laying out your existing and future content, you can clearly see opportunities to thematically interlink your posts
  • Sticking to a schedule keeps your budget in check, ensuring that you don’t spend too much or too little on content creation

By actually planning out what you’re going to write about beforehand, you can ultimately decide whether or not a topic is worth pursuing for the sake of your readership and yourself.

Have the Ideas Come to You

Instead of having to scramble for ideas that your readership is hungry for, wouldn’t it be great if such ideas could come to you instead?

Thankfully, they can.

Sometimes creating great content is less about what you know and more about who you know. By following influencers and gurus within your space on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you can draw from their discussions and links to determine what users in your space are talking about. By looking at their conversations and popular articles within your niche, you have a constant influx of new ideas on a daily basis.

Likewise, consider how you can use your keyword research to come up with content. If there’s a long-tail keyword that isn’t being targeted by you competitors, for example, why not start there for fresh ideas?

Outline Your Posts Beforehand

There is no single “correct” way to outline a blog post. This is especially true in an age of listicles which tend to vary wildly in format.

However, you should always strive to outline your post before writing. Firstly, this allows you to organize your thoughts and envision a post before you put the effort into writing it. This allows you to make sure that you touch on all of your desired points, keywords and so on. Crafting a “rough draft” of your post helps you understand whether or not it’s worth the commitment of writing in full.

Likewise, you can format your post beforehand to help organize your thoughts. For example, consider how you can integrate the following:

  • A hook at the beginning of your post to grab your reader’s attention (such as a shocking statistic or quote)
  • A body that flows, either through sub-headers, bullet points and lists that improve the readability of your content
  • A definitive ending or call-to-action, giving your readers peace of mind and something to do once they’re done reading

Beyond envisioning your posts, outlining your content beforehand allows you to take a step back from your writing and approach your post with a fresh mind.

Creating content can be tough; however, it doesn’t have to be a grind. By planning ahead and working to have ideas come to you, blogging becomes less of a chore and more of a habit as you consistently put out content that readers actually want.

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The Importance of High Speed Internet for Online Business

The Importance of High Speed Internet for Online Business

Are you an entrepreneur and run your business online? Then you sure know the importance of being online almost 24X7. People, who operate businesses online, need to be present online, almost all the time. The way businesses operate has significantly changed in the past few years. In the past the need for an internet connection was not much required however it sure seems to be the need for the day!

The need of high speed internet

Today, however, online entrepreneurs know that it is essential for them to stay connected with their customers all the time. Constant communication is key when it comes to growing clients online and gaining the trust of your clients. Customers may crop up with inquiries anytime, and when you are there to reply back to their questions on time, they will feel the genuineness and reliability of a seller. Nevertheless, failure to do so will end up customers checking other sites and online stores. Hence you may end up losing probable clients.

Whether you have a small or big business, you should understand the importance of shdsl modern broadband plans or high speed internet especially when the market is highly competitive and viable. Let us know about the benefits of high speed internet and how it would be useful in mounting businesses.

How can you benefit from high speed internet?

Employees get more efficient

In the present day, everything should be accomplished quickly. In case it’s not done quickly, then your employees will not be highly efficient and will not help your business run efficiently. Even if you run a small business, with a few employees, when the internet connection is swift, your employees will need to work as per the hour of the day and your business will gain reliability.

You will be able to compete with your contenders

If your internet connection is not speedy enough, why would customers entrust you with their requirements and purchases? You need to stay steady, to compete with your contenders as there are flotillas of options customers have today to turn to in a matter of seconds. You need to keep that in mind!

Helps in tracking your data

There are wide arrays of business right now which, even to this day, rely on data to stay highly effective and make things work for them. However, this can be only achieved when you have the entire backup done right and available as and when the need for it arises.

Collaboration gets quicker and easier

Today, business grow through collaboration and with high speed internet, small businesses can work better and gradually notice a quick rise. With speedy and fast upload speeds and liberal bandwidth in hand, businesses will be capable of sharing huge files. They will also be able to take humongous benefits of communication technologies, such as screen sharing and online conferences, which are getting so common today. When internet speeds is dependable there would be less waiting around involved for collaboration.

Business processes can be easily moved to Cloud

To maintain on-premises hardware can be a tough call and a huge burden, especially for small businesses. This is why today, there are several businesses which are shifting processes to cloud. It seems to be the norm for the day! To utilize cloud processes efficiently, a business need to have dependable high speed internet. When business processes are kept in the cloud, it helps to curtail expenses and rate of productivity is high.

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Business Parties: How to Plan One and What to Anticipate

Business Parties: How to Plan One and What to Anticipate

Companies big and small have to host a business party one time or another. These are not simply fun occasions for the team; they are also very important occasions to network with other companies and to build a name for your brand among the elites in the industry. So, read ahead for some tips on how to throw a memorable business party.

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5 Ways to Boost Your Company’s Online Sales

5 Ways to Boost Your Company’s Online Sales

All business owners want to improve sales one way or another. There are no certain methods to boost sales as each business is different, and have varying needs. However, trying one or two of the tips mentioned below may be able to help regardless of the industry you are in:

1.     Urgency Always Works

That age old marketing tactic—buy it now!—is still driving sales, both off and online. When you write ads, call to action buttons or even promotional posts including a product; try to incorporate elements of exclusivity so people are prompted to buy it, not tomorrow, but right now. Introduce time limit discounts, or limited edition sales to drive purchases. If you offer a 50% discount for buying a product this week, and not next week, you will have more people lining up to add that item to their virtual shopping carts.

2.     Drive Up SEO

Many digital marketing companies emphasise the importance of SEO when improving sales. SEO, when done right, can attract excellent traffic numbers to your website. From then on, it’s a matter of probability to see how many visitors end up becoming buyers. Therefore, optimise your product descriptions and other online content for search engines with the help of experts. More traffic means more potential buyers, and a chance to boost conversion rates as well.

3.     Free Shipping

What brings droves of customers to sites like Amazon and eBay? Free shipping options. A number of market research studies have shown that free shipping is the foremost factor that prompts consumers to make a purchase. Customers feel like they are getting a great deal when they don’t have to pay extra for shipping. Remodel your online business so that standard shipping costs are calculated into overall product pricing so you don’t have to charge extra for shipping. Then, sit back and watch as your sales soar.

4.     Upsell

This is a tactic first mastered by the retail giant Amazon. When you go to Amazon and browse a product, you will also get a list of other products right below. These suggested products are pitched as being superior and better rated, albeit being slightly more expensive. This is upselling. It means that you offer two versions of a similar product, where one is priced normally, while the other is an expensive, deluxe option with more features. You can try this at your site by dividing your products into normal and luxury categories. Some customers only buy luxury items simply because they are offered as an exclusive product. You can easily capitalise on this mentality by upselling.

5.     Cross Sell

Cross selling is similar to upselling. Instead of offering a “better” version of the same product, you offer other products that will complement the product being purchased or viewed. For example, if you are selling a camera, you can suggest the customer to buy a camera cleaning kit as well. Cross selling is known to be more effective than upselling to push different types of products.

If you follow the above tips, you are very likely to see a marked increase in sales. When you implement the above suggestions, stay clear of overt exaggerations or outright lies. For example, do not offer free shipping with highly inflated product prices. If you want your business to survive for a long time, you will need to implement honest practices as well.

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Things to Look into When Seeking an SEO Company

Things to Look into When Seeking an SEO Company

As search engine optimization increases in popularity, there are more and more search engine optimizers who are appearing. The purpose of an SEO company is to ensure that your company is ranked considerably high in search engine results. When you hire a company that specializes in search engine optimization, you are expecting your business to become more visible online.

SEO Thailand, particularly, is quite popular. There are many companies that claim to be able to increase the amount of traffic to your website. The question is, how do you pick a company that will fit your needs?


When considering a company, ask them for references. You can use these clients to determine how well this company really performs. This will also give you a feel for the kind of work that they are used to. You can then determine if they will be able to produce similar results for you. Taking a look at how their other clients rank on search engines is a good way to establish the capabilities of the business.

Ethical Practices

You should question the seo business you want to hire regarding their methods. You will then be able to see if there are using proper procedures to deliver results. Businesses that use underhanded and quick techniques will produce profitable results in the beginning. They will, however, soon be banished from search engine lists altogether as a consequence of such undesirable dealings. Proper processes may take a little more time to garner results. This means that your business will be ranked higher for a longer period of time. It may also increase your propensity to go even further up in the listing.

Multiple Capabilities

The company also has to be proficient in more than just search engine optimization. For your business to be properly represented, the SEO agency needs to have other qualifications as well. They need to be able to handle other online aspects of your trade. For search engine optimization to be fully advantageous, the company must be able to create a complete marketing package for you. This is the hallmark of a good and reliable SEO company.

Progress Reports

Prior to hiring a company to handle your online accounts, you need to know how they will update you about their activities. You should be able to keep tabs on the processes that they are executing and the success of these techniques. There also should be frequent reports presented to you about how you are fairing amongst your competitors in the search engine results. This is all so that you can track the progress that the company is making. You should be able to view the results as well as see what is working and what is not.

Is It a Good Fit?

The SEO company that you hire must have similar values as you. At the very least, they should be able to mirror these values in the work that they do for you. It makes little sense to hire a company that cannot capture the essence of your business. They will unable to properly represent you online. When looking for potential candidates, talk to them about your vision and see if they can accommodate you. Similarly, listen to the ideas they may have for your business and establish if it aligns with yours.

It is important that you find the right company for the job. A good SEO agency can create so many opportunities for you online. In that same manner, a bad one can destroy your reputation completely. Always remember to choose wisely.

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How To Write A Returns Policy That Will Actually Improve Your Sales

How To Write A Returns Policy That Will Actually Improve Your Sales

A good returns policy can actively prevent returns and even improve your sales figures. Customers love honesty and transparency and people are less likely to take advantage of a business that treats them fairly.

Communicate clearly

The first step is making sure your customers are aware of the policy. Place a link in a prominent place on the front page, on the individual product pages, the checkout page, and everywhere a visitor may navigate to within your site. From there, include it in post-sale correspondence, an abridged version of it on the invoice, and a full version in the package they receive.

Once they have access to it, make sure it is written in understandable language. Plain English will ensure that the majority of people understand where they stand before the need to return it even arises. This will allow people to decide, based on your policy, whether risking a purchase is worth the possibility of having to return it. Ensure your policy is honest and without hidden clauses, and free from legal jargon. If they have to pay shipping on returns, then state that. Make sure the time frames are included, as well as any exceptions for intimate or discounted products.

With the prevalence of multi-channel retail, your policy must also fall in line with that of eBay, Amazon, and the other marketplaces. Nothing can make a problem escalate more quickly than confusion and contradictory information.

Customer service

Your staff can be the best protection against returns. Keep your staff members up to date and available for customers to contact to ensure they can assist customers. Giving visitors the opportunity to speak directly with a member of your team, whether on the phone or live chat, can provide the instant answers a potential purchase can often hinge upon. It can be the difference between an uninformed order that will cause issues down the track, and a customer selecting a more suitable product, or at the very least fully understanding what they are purchasing.

Once the purchase has been completed and the product delivered, your team can be vital in preventing returns. A customer may just need a little assistance and guidance in assembling or setting up a product, but if your staff aren’t available they might give up and initiate a return.

Don’t discourage returns

An unhappy customer is on the verge of never using your business again. It is vital to handle the return in a professional manner, regardless of the customer’s behaviour. Their frustration and anger isn’t personal, but reacting to it will ensure their poor opinion of your brand becomes common knowledge among their friends and family. It is more worthwhile to apologise, accept the return without question, and suggest a replacement product. Your returns policy isn’t set in stone and the cost of accepting a return that falls outside of the wording can be far less than the negative feedback of an unhappy customer.

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Easy Ways to Promote Your Self-Published Book Online

Easy Ways to Promote Your Self-Published Book Online

Being an Indie author is not easy. You would think that writing a book is the hardest part, but once you get that down, the really gritty part comes—marketing your self-published book. Traditionally, authors had publishers to do the nasty business of book marketing and promotion for them. Self-published authors rarely have this luxury. Some indie authors may want to outsource the trouble to a marketing company, which requires a good amount of cold, hard cash. This will be difficult to come by for the average self-published novelist without delving into debt. Personal finances aside, there are some highly affordable and sometimes free ways for indie authors to promote their novels. Read ahead for several such useful tips:

Design an author website

An author website is different from a personal website or a blog. It’s a business website where products are promoted. The products, in this case, will be your books, and the company and brand will be you. While you can easily create a free website on WordPress, you will need to have your own domain name to get better search engine rankings. Your website will be the launching pad for your marketing campaign, where potential readers, reviewers and journalists will come looking for a taste of your work. Therefore, it’s important that your author website looks its best, so consider investing some money in professional web designers. Search on Google locally, like “web development Melbourne” for example, for service providers with the most affordable rates.

Get reviews with free samples

The best way to get your book’s name out there is to get reviews. Do not expect people to buy your book and write professional reviews. You will need to search for book reviewers, preferably ones with great blogs, and offer them free versions of your book for review. Do not try to pay for or bribe for good reviews. That will only ruin your reputation and hurt sales. Send free copies to as many reviewers as possible and at least some of them will read your book. Make sure the reviews are published online. Always aim for prolific reviewers with trending blogs or websites to get your book’s title on.

Social Promotion

Start a Facebook contest

Social media is a great tool to get your work out there into the Internet world. You should have at least three social media accounts to promote your books (often this is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). You should post on your social media sites regularly to keep them trending and relevant. The goal with your social media profile will be to create brand awareness for your books. A neat way to achieve this is to organise a Facebook contest where the winner receives a tempting gift. Many authors make the winning prize one of their books. However, if you really want to boost sales, make the winning prize something like an iPod, and base the tasks of the contest on your books so people will have to buy them to win.

Launch an email newsletter

The best kinds of customers are returning customers. The people who have already bought your books will be the ones most likely to buy them again. Do not let them forget your work, so keep your fans and reviewers constantly updated on your books, special offers and discounts with a brief and interesting email newsletter.

All of the above requires little to no financial investment on an author’s part. Money aside, you will have to work twice as hard as an author and a publisher to promote your books. Do not be discouraged and work hard to achieve your sales goals.


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6 of The Most Popular WordPress Themes of All Time

6 of The Most Popular WordPress Themes of All Time

When it comes time to create and build your business website you need to think about a lot of things. Of course, the content and usability are essential. Your website will (hopefully) have thousands of visitors, and they all need to be happy with what they find. But, at a more basic level, you need to give serious thought to how your website is going to look.

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Responsive newsletter templates from Freshmail

Responsive newsletter templates from Freshmail

Freshmail provide a huge range of email newsletter templates for use within email marketing campaigns. At the time of writing there are around 70 templates to choose from when using Freshmail.

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Advice for Designing a Website for a Small Business.

Advice for Designing a Website for a Small Business.


If you’re about to embark on creating a website for your small business, there are some important design factors you need to take into account before beginning. Your company’s website will very often be the first impression that customers gain of your business, so it is vital that your website portrays the correct image that you wish to convey.

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